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Waterproof Chalkboard Label



The ultimate organizer and a decorative element for your pantry!
Have you ever woken up so desperate for your morning coffee that you use salt instead of sugar? Well, the Waterproof Chalkboard labels are the practical and stylish solution for that! Whether they’re for salts and spices in the kitchen or just an easy way to organize your closet. Just start with the basics such as salt, sugar, coffee, and tea.

Why would you love it?
It is easier, more convenient, and more stylish to write the information you want and better organize your home, kitchen, décor warehouse, and office. Save yourself from having to redo your labels when certain ingredients spoil. Our chalk labels are waterproof so they can be written on, erased, and reused again and again.

Bonus Features!
Suitable for any materials. These labels can be used on metal, aluminum, plastic, glass, wood, straw, fabric, ceramic and more.
Versatile. Perfect for any jars, mason, spice, jelly, candy, cookie, jam, canning, pickling, or storage needs, ideal for tea tin boxes, wicker baskets, canisters, sewing kits, folders, office supply organizer, classroom and bedroom toy bins.
Waterproof. Suitable for indoor or outdoor and best for name tags, gift tags for weddings, birthdays, etc.
Easy to use. Simply peel and stick the label to the container. You can use any kind of regular or liquid chalk to write on the label.
Cleaning up is easy. Simply put it in the dishwasher or clean it by hand.

Label your fridge, baking cabinet, cords, toiletries, and more!

Package: 1 Roll of Sticker Label (120 stickers per Roll)
Size: 2.1 x 1.4 inch
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