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10pcs Plastic Bag Clips

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Product description

Handiest kitchen gadget for you! Keeping different food fresher, longer, and contained in the pantry, fridge, or freezer.

Any leftover food or chips you want to save for later consumption? These 10pcs Plastic Bag Clips are the best for you! They're colorful and could blend in easily regardless of your kitchen's design.

Why would you love it?
Brightly colored making it easy to find them in the drawer! It keeps foods airtight and from being stale, you can now save the extra food for later consumption.

Bonus Features!
Sturdy and reusable. Made of environmentally friendly and safe plastic, which are perfect for different kinds of plastic bags, chips, bread, frozen food, or other food bags.
Smart design. Easy to open, close, and to store. It can be used safely in refrigerators and dishwashers.

The perfect tool to keep food fresh for snack time!

Package: 10 Plastic Bag Clips
Material: Plastic
Size: Small - 2.75 in / Large - 4.3 in

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10pcs Plastic Bag Clips


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