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Anti-Splash Screen

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Product description

Our Anti-Splash Screen is the perfect accessory that keeps any splatter from ending up all over the cooking area!

Let’s be honest, cooking can get a little messy. It will keep you and your clothes clean and will keep splashes from spreading around in the kitchen. The Anti-Splash Screen shields cooking surfaces, counters, walls, and floors free from grease splatters. Cook with confidence!

Why would you love it?
Super helpful when cooking pork chops, eggs, bacon, letting sauces simmer, and more! Be the chef you’ve always wanted to be with our Anti-Splash Screen. It stands at just the right angle so no drips will land on your clothes or counters, making cooking more enjoyable and cleanup super easy.

Bonus Features!
Easy installation. Just unfold and position three panels of the splash screen around your pan while you cook.
Non-stick. No need to deal with scrubbing tough stains or food clinging to it.
Convenient. The most effective and reliable splatter screen that folds flat to store when not in use. Your kitchen will always be sparkling clean!

No more wasting time wiping off sauce and grease stains from your stove top and countertop!

Package: 1 Anti-Splash Screen
Material: Aluminum

Size: Approx. 33.2 in x 12.8 in 

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Anti-Splash Screen

You saved $18.00 (-51% off)

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