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Insulated Oven Mitt


No Burns, baby!
Just slide them on and grab a grip. These colorful oven mitts will protect you from getting burnt while touching anything from the oven, or pots and pans on the stovetop. No more big clumsy oven mitts!

Why would you love it?
An excellent addition to every kitchen! A fun and functional way to protect your hands from the oven. Use the compact design to your advantage to keep your kitchen more organized.

Bonus Features!
Premium quality. Made with premium food-grade materials. You can safely handle pots and pans while wearing these gloves without the worry of harmful chemicals getting into your food.
Heat-Resistant. Excellent insulation, perfect for handling hot plates and pans These mini oven mitts can resist heat up to 446°F and are excellent for gripping dishes that have small edges such as plates or short handles on pots.
Comfy for lefty and righty. Suitable for both left and right hand, you can slip it on and off breezily. The soft silicone material makes it comfortable while in use. It has an anti-skid design that can handle items firmly and with ease.
Storing wonder. They are brightly colored and easy to find in dark cupboards or shelves. Storing is extremely easy as they are small and compact. They do not take up a lot of space.
So easy to clean. Washing these gloves is a breeze as you can wash them in your sink and place them in your dish rack to dry.

Oh no more too hot to handle!

Package: 1 Insulated Oven Mitt
Specs: Approximately 3.3 in x 4.3 in

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