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Silicone Baking Mat




Elevate any home-cooked meal as the ultimate no-fuss baking mat has arrived!
The Silicone Baking mat can make your food more healthy, evenly cooked, and juicy. Crispy chicken skin and pork parts every time! A cooking surface that provides an even heat distribution as it allows air to circulate around your food from top to bottom so you'll get cooked meat with less fat.
Why would you love it?

This revolutionary mat prevents extra grease from dripping down into your oven as it will run down the pyramids and collect at the bottom. Plus, it has no silicone taste or odor making it perfect for all types of foods including chocolate!

Bonus Features!
Made from premium materials. 100% food-grade, rubber-like, and can withstand high temperatures.
Consistent cooking results. Simply put the meat on top of the pyramids so the juices drain away from the meat as it facilitates airflow for even baking and crisping.
Multi-purpose. It can be used as a trivet, toaster, pot bowls holder, drying rack, mini ice cube mold, and dessert cupcake macaroons bakeware maker making kitchenware fun.
Clever design. Safe to use in ovens, microwaves, and freezers. Artists can also use this food-grade mat for drying clay, resin, and other crafts.
Easy storage and clean up. Foldable and can be easily cut into the size that fits the oven. Dishwasher safe or simply place the mat in warm soapy water for only a couple of minutes and wash it with a brush or sponge for easy cleaning.

You can bake or cook a perfect meal with these and never again eat burned pastries or over-cooked meat!

Package Includes:1 Silicone Baking Mat
Material: Silicone
Temperature resistant from - 72°F to 392°F
Size: Approx. 6.7 x 6.7 inches (Small) or 15 x 11 inches (Large)

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