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November 01, 2021 2 min read

A defrosting tray has now played an important part in preparing many refrigerator recipes. It is not only used to thaw meat, and fish but also almost all frozen foods! This smart invention is basically a kitchen tool meant to quickly and conveniently defrost frozen foods like beef or chicken meat without burning it, melting it, or making it smelly.

But how does it really work? Let's find out!

The concept of Defrosting Trays are in parallel with the laws of physics (specifically, thermodynamics) which tell us that two objects of different temperatures try to become the same temperature when they come in contact with each other. 

So, when the defrosting tray is placed on your kitchen counter, it will quickly come to the temperature of the air around it (room temperature). Let's say a frozen meat comes in contact with the defrosting tray, the temperature will then be transferred to the meat which will now help defrost it. And even when the temperature of the frozen meat is cooling the surface of the tray, the room temperature will continue to warm the tray, and it goes on like that until the tray and meat become equal in temperature.

Defrosting trays are made of a material that has a high ability to conduct heat, such as aluminum. Because this metal is a good conductor of heat, heat at one part of the metal rapidly moves through it. Plus, aluminum does not rust or stain the way iron and some metals do.  

The best thing about this defrosting tray is that it doesn't need to use any power at all so there is no hassle making it work or it being powered by electricity or your gas stove. No batteries or chemicals needed. Let's skip the running water as well!

There are various ways people use to defrosting food. But this defrosting tray makes it easier, safe, and quicker than  those traditional ways of thawing. No more worries about burning your frozen food by heating it on a stove, nor about the bacteria or stench that comes from heating it in a microwave oven.

The tray is very easy to use. It can be washed and stored easily, designed to meet the demands of busy households.


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