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360 Degree Adjustable Faucet Extender



Make sink washing easier by helping you easily reach plates or pots without bending over.
If your kitchen faucet doesn’t swivel, you will need the incredible 360 Degree Adjustable Faucet Extender. Rid your kitchen of difficult maneuvering and no more excessive twisting while washing dishes or cleaning!

Why would you love it?
Perfect for kitchens with a double sink. The 360 Adjustable Faucet Extender is super easy to install and works great for all kinds of sinks! It helps you rinse dishes and cleans those hard-to-reach corners of your sink with ease.

Bonus Features!
Premium. The faucet extender is made of high-quality material that is durable. Plus, it can be used for faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage.
Clever design. Rotary fan-shaped filtration valve for enhanced water momentum. It is also a specially designed faucet aerator that allows the water to come out evenly and smoothly. Retractable and foldable when not needed or not in use.
Eco-friendly. Prevents splashing due to strong water pressure and saves 30%~70% of water usage.
Easy Installation. No tools are needed! You can directly install it by hand which can be done in seconds.

Goodbye splashes! It allows you to rotate the faucet head 360 degrees so you can easily wash without straining yourself.

Package: 1 360 Degree Adjustable Faucet Extender
Material: PP + PVC Plastic
Size: Approx. 2.5 cm outer rim / 1.2 cm inner rim. (Please note: White rim material feels like silicone)

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