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4pcs Set Antifouling Pads

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Product description

This is basically the secret to keeping everything fresh longer!
A fridge with fresh veggies is the best but they get bad pretty fast. These Antifouling Pads keep the fridge accessories in place while preventing bacteria build-up and fluids from getting in contact with the veggies to keep them fresh.

Why would you love it?
A brand new invention to keep your fridge clean and fresh! They’re designed to lock fresh veggies into place so they won’t get pushed back into the fridge when you open the door. They also prevent spills from reaching your produce so your refrigerator will stay cleaner longer.

Bonus Features!
Smart design. It is made of thickened EVA material that is great for kitchen use because it is waterproof and won't breed bacteria. Plus, it is convenient to wash and clean
Tough. These anti-fouling pads can bear low temperatures from -22 °F to high temperatures of 150 °F

Versatile. The pads can be cut to fit your needed size. Also, it can be used as a mat in your kitchen and even in drawers, refrigerator pads, table mats, a desk pad, and so on.

Win your next battle against your fridge. You’ll never have to worry about stains or unwanted smells again!

Package: 4 Antifouling Pads
Material: EVA Plastic
Size: Approximately 11.8 x 17.7 in

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4pcs Set Antifouling Pads


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