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Ceramic Peeler


The easy-to-use, ergonomic handle is a pleasure to hold and makes peeling a real joy!
Many of us use our peelers for one purpose only – peeling the skins of fruits and vegetables. Clean, precise, less-intrusive cuts, and requiring less pressure are what make the Ceramic Peeler so unique. You can use this peeler to shave super thin slices of cheese to garnish your dishes or create vegetable ribbons for salads, and more!

Why would you love it?
Our Ceramic Peeler would be super-functional in your kitchen. The ceramic blade shaves produce paper thin, best for creating perfect peels of cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, and all other vegetables. It is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing as it will stand out in your kitchen decor while you’re using it.

Bonus Features!
Smart design. Lightweight and ergonomic for ease of use in lengthy, repetitive tasks. It is designed with a non-slip handle for a comfortable grip with a hollow design on both sides for easy removal of the buds on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
Clever blade. The rotatable and ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade won't rust, pit, or corrode.
Safe to use. This peeler will never brown foods or alter the taste or smell of food.

Perfect for garnishing cocktails with the zest of a lemon, lime, or orange twist to add flavor to your evening cocktail, make chocolate curls for cake decorating or shave frozen butter to spread easily on your breakfast toast! Versatile and fun to use, the Ceramic Peeler is a true kitchen essential.

Package: 1 Ceramic Peeler
Material: Ceramic blade + PP handle
USA DELIVERY:  $4.95 (Free Delivery on orders over $55)

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