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Garbage Bag Holder

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Product description

The Garbage Bag Holder provides solutions for organizing your everyday living space.
It is the most convenient and practical way to collect annoying clutter in the kitchen when you chop vegetables. Every time you want to clean the countertops, just throw trash in it and keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Spend less time going to the big trash bin!

Why would you love it?

What could be more satisfying than tidying up fast? We’re simplifying your lives. Throw away trash while you’re prepping food in the kitchen to keep countertops tidy all day!

Bonus Features!
Convenient. A great tool for cooking or crafting and your hands are full because the bag stays open.
Easy to install and remove. Simply hang over your cabinet door for instant storage and organized space. No screws and tools needed.
Versatile. It is suitable for kitchen cabinets, office desk drawers, and other furnishings with cabinet or drawer doors.

Don't let your kitchen countertops become the trash bin every time you work in the kitchen.

Package: 1 Garbage Bag Holder
Material: PP
Size: Approximately 7.2 x 6.5 x 1.7 in

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Garbage Bag Holder


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