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Be a grill master with these 10 secret BBQ tricks

January 04, 2022 3 min read

Preparing food outdoors is a popular pastime in the summer, but can often be hit or miss when it comes to results. Whether you're firing up your grill for a quick barbeque, or marinating and cooking meat for hours on end, these tips and tricks will have both you and your guests raving for more.

1. Three-zone fire

You can also create three fire zones on the surface of your grill. This will allow you to cook your meat until it has reached the level of doneness you desire. Divide your grill's surface into thirds. In the first part, place most of the coals. This should result in well-done meat.

Put about half as many coals in the second zone, which is great for medium-rare to medium-well meat. Do not use any coals in the final zone, which is for letting your meat rest.

2. Getting the coals just right

For the perfect temperature of your coals, first, allow the coals to burn for 30 minutes. Next, hold your hand above the grill surface for 4 seconds. If you can do this without it getting too hot, it's the perfect temperature.

A grill with too few coals is too hot and needs to be spread out. If you are able to hold your hand above the grill for more than 6 seconds, then it is too cold. Add a few more pieces of charcoal to make it warm again.

3. Spraying Apple Juice

When cooking your steak instead of using butter, spray it with apple juice. Transfer the apple juice to a spray bottle for mess-free meal prep. When you spray your meat with apple juice, you will get a juicy interior and a lovely crust on the outside.

4. Ice cube trick

Put an ice cube in the middle of the patty before you cook it. The meat will absorb the water as it melts and give you a nice, juicy burger. Add a pat of butter on top of the ice cube for extra flavor.

5. Rosemary skewers

To add some added flavor to your kebobs, use rosemary instead of the traditional wooden skewers. Simply pierce the sprig of rosemary into your meat, vegetables, and fruit.

6. Potato trick

You can prevent your meat from sticking to the grill by cutting a potato in half and sticking a form into the uncut end. Next, rub the potato on the already-lit grill. The heat from the coals will release the starch in the potato, which will coat the grill and create a non-stick surface.

7. Hotdog and sausage trick

When you are flipping sausages and hotdogs, you should use silicone tongs. This way, you avoid using a fork, which can release fats from the meat and cause your grill to smoke and your sausages and hotdogs to taste bland. Make sure you place the sausages and hotdogs right next to each other in order to keep them from rolling.

8. Refreshing lemonade made with Grilled Lemons

You can make some tasty lemonade using your grill by cutting some lemons in half, coating the cut ends in sugar, and grilling them for a few minutes. Use a citrus juicer to squeeze fresh juice from the grilled lemons into a pitcher with fresh lemon slices and ice for some refreshing lemonade.

9. Rest your meat

You should rest your meat first before eating it. Place the cooked meat in an aluminum pan and cover it with aluminum foil. Let it stand for 1 to 2 minutes. This method will help seal in moisture, thereby making your meat much juicier.

10. Onion cleaning trick

After grilling, you'll need to clean your grill. You can do this easily by cutting an onion in half. Stick a fork into the uncut end and rub the onion over the grill's surface. Your grill surface will be cleaner than ever thanks to the antibacterial properties of onion juice.

Grilling is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make delicious food. Many people consider themselves great grillers, but few ever truly master it. No matter what you’re grilling - from smoking bacon to flame searing a ribeye - these simple tricks will elevate your grilling to the next level!


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